Did you know there are benefits of having window tint? Window tint isn’t just for your business, your employees can also benefit. The right tint can help employees’ comfort, productivity and offers extra security. Along with comfort and security, tinted windows can also increase the energy efficiency in your business. Commercial glass tinting can also protect your furniture from harmful UV rays, helping give your business that stylish look you want.

There are lots of options when it comes to window tinting, but we are here to guide you. Allow us to explain the different types of window tint so you can pick which is right for you.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window FilmThis stylish window film can help enhance your building’s design, while offering privacy and help you control how bright the room is. Decorative film is great for outward facing windows in addition to being a brilliant choice if you want opacity. This decorative film adds style to your interior glass. Here are some options available with decorative films:

Textured or Frosted Tint

Is etched glass the look you are going for? Then textured window tint is what you want. The textured window tint reflects light with a designer glass look, but without the high cost. If textured is not for you the forested tint has the same look. The frosted tint will diffuse light and enhance your privacy.

Patterns or Gradients

Looking to add a cutting-edge design to your building? Window tinting with geographic patterns is the answer. Choose from a wide variety of styles, such as pinstripes, polka dots and much more.

Do you want more privacy than style? Gradient window tint could be what you’re looking for. With transitions from clear to opaque this tint is all about privacy. Use this tint to keep ugly spaces from the public eye.

Colored Tint

Bored of the same old window color? Add that splash of color you are looking for with specialty window tinting. Choose from bold, subtle, or even opaque colors. With endless possibilities you can create the window tint you have always wanted.

Reflective Films

These are the most common films in commercial buildings. Reflective films let you control the amount of sun and glare in your space. This will give the outside of your building a professionally polished, mirrored look. Give your business a classy look without paying a high price.

Neutral Film

Are you looking for a film without there being a major change?  Are you happy with the quality of your indoor lighting? Neutral film can be the choice for you. This film will block out UV rays without changing the look of your windows or the interior. Giving you protection without changing the look you already have.

Deluxe Film

The summer heat can be brutal and cause lots of glare. If you are looking to escape the summer heat, deluxe film is what you want. Deluxe film is non-reflective inside and outside of the window, thus helping keep out the heat and glare. This film will help improve the comfort in your building, making you and your employees happy and productive.

Safety and Security Films

Window tint is more than just a stylish new look, it can also make your business more secure. There can be lots of risks to your building’s security, such as break ins or workplace shootings. It is always important to improve your protection. Regular glass can take a few seconds to break, allowing criminals immediate access. With security window film it can take 1-2 minutes or longer to break, as a result you can give you and your employees time to escape to safety. You can install this film on all outward facing windows and doors for ultimate protection.

C- Bond Films

This film is patent-protected and offers the best protection for your business. C-Bond film has become the standard for safety and can be found in many of the country’s high-end buildings. What this film does is increases glass strength and flexibility up to 100%, as a result the glass becomes practically impenetrable. If you are looking for the highest standard of safety C-Bond film is what you want.

Explore the Different Types of Window Tints Today!

Whether your focus is comfort, protection or lighting there is a window tint for you. Every business had different needs and concerns, and you don’t have to pick just one solution. Now that you know some of the different types of window tint you can choose which ones are best for you.

Before picking a tint always evaluate your space. Make sure you assess all the windows you want to change. This will help you decide the benefits that best work for you and your space.

We know there are a lot of options, but don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t have to make this choice alone. Let Sol Control help walk you through your options. We can help you design an installation plan that best fits your needs, including free commercial estimates, so contact us today to get you started.

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