The professionals of Sol Control Custom offer excellent car window tinting service near 34653 at competitive rates. We provide a wide variety of privacy films and ceramic film to suit your needs. We have the complete tint service solution for your vehicle and the perfect window tinting pricing to match.

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Benefits of Auto Tint in New Port Richey FL

Did you know that your car upholstery can fade in direct sun light? What about your dashboard, did you know that over time sitting in the sun can make it brittle and eventually crack in places you just don’t want it to. There is a simple and effective solution for this and that is car window tinting. It is singularly the most cost effect and most effective way to keep your car more like a brand new car for longer. Learn about the benefits of automotive tinting near 34653 and 34652. Why choose Sol Control for automotive tinting?

  •  We have the best possible quality of solar window film available on the market 
  • The most affordable price possible in automotive window tinting 
  • Car window tinting is a perfect tool in keeping your car really nice and cool during a hot summer
  • Great at reducing the cost of running your car! 

So as you can see window tinting or as it is also known as solar guards for windows, is more than just a cool accessory to your car, it really does help you in so many ways.

Car Tinting Saves Money in florida!

Everyone wants to save money in this day and age and best of all with Sol Control Custom window tint shop, our pricing means that the window tinting pays for itself with the money that you save from the running of your car. Window tinting in New Port Richey is commonly used for privacy in cars like limousines, high performance vehicles, ambulances, police cars, party bus’s, public bus’s, boats and even residential homes. At Sol Control Custom, we have the perfect tinting shade for your windows should you want to tint your limousines or even your personal car.

We are proud of the automotive window film products that we carry and can assure that even the most disconcerting clientele will be extremely happy with the end results of our work. We are also great at product sourcing should we not have a product that you want, we will find it no matter where it is or what it is.

Benefits Of Solar Gard Window film

All of the films that we have a Sol Control Custom are not just good value but also great products in themselves. We use only scratch resistant hard coat films such as Solar Gard Saint-Gobain that are put on using strong adhesives which allows for the bonding of the film and the glass to be far more sufficient.

A great benefit of Sol Control Custom’s strong adhesives bonds to your glass is that during a collision, there is more of a safety benefit that prevents the glass to go flying around and also in acts of vandalism, which could stop further damage to your seats or even yourself.

Sol Control Custom CAr Window tinting

Do not worry if you don’t know how or what type of car window tinting that you need. Here at Sol Control Custom we have experts willing and wanting to help you make the right decision for your needs. We can help you choose the right shade that will stop your car from losing all that coolness that you want. Did you know that window tinting is now being more popular for businesses, home offices, residential homes, and even boats? Any window that you have can be tinted by us at Sol Control Custom. in New Port Richey, Fl. We carry all of the styles and even some colors of tints that you will need.

Sol Control Custom is also committed to be a great provider of great automobile window tinting to the Tampa Florida area. Come in or call us today on the numbers listed on this website.

Window Tinting Service In Pasco County florida


Sol Control Custom provides top-quality films for residential, commercial, automotive, RV and marine window tinting, safety and security film, and also hurricane protection films in New Port Richey and all the Tampa Bay area.



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