Need a Safer Car? Look No Further

Custom proudly services Security Systems in Florida, to have you and your family driving with tranquility. 

The security of vehicles in common parking places and many other areas has become a matter of concern. We have our vehicles exposed for very long periods of time when we do our daily activities like going to the supermarket, mall and even your job. Our goal is to secure your vehicle to your desire with detectors or any other security feature or product you want.

Sol Control Custom provides aid for each customer to find the correct security system to best suit your needs, so you can be more than satisfied with the installation and products you choose.

Reparation of Security Systems

Reparation of security systems is another Sol Control Custom specialty. We can happily help you with your security systems products and repair damaged equipment whenever you feel something is not working properly. 

If your alarm system is experiencing problems, you need it repaired effectively and on time. This is definitely a job you only leave to professionals.  You want the most experienced people working on your system so it can be done right. Every system is different, but our vast knowledge and years of experience has made our team ready to work on any model.

Regardless if we didn’t install your system, our technicians have the qualifications,  and tools to repair and service all brands you can imagine to leave it brand new.

Trust our Professionals

Professional installation is just as important as the products themselves so the security system can work properly and avoid future problems. Choose wisely and contact Sol Control Custom for the best service and customer experience available in the city.

With more than 30 years of experience, we design and develop vehicle security systems to ensure they always meet our customer needs. We have models to suit all budgets and offer a model range that provides different levels of security in order to fit your car and give you many options where you can choose from.

Quality and Affordable Price

We only use proven security products that meet the highest standards of service and reliability. No matter what your need is,  Sol Control Custom has the right team to meet every single challenge at a very affordable price. If you live in New Port Richey, Florida,  you can rest assured your family and car is safe with us. Just contact us at 7278438807 if you have any questions or to find out more about how we can help you with security systems and reparations, our team is always ready to help!