When you make something “smart” you put together a variety of capabilities into tight spaces without compromising performance. This is what happens when you have Smart device integration in your vehicle. It connects in-vehicle systems to smartphone applications. This allows automakers to provide highly integrated connected experiences and offers app developers new and exciting ways to have more access to your vehicle system.


You can have access to several commands that allow you to control your car no matter the distance or more simple functions like present vehicle information when you are not in the vehicle. It could be information like operational remaining capacity, status, fuel level, location, alarms and many other functions from your car. 

Secure and Comfortable

With Sol Control Custom, our seamless integration solution for smart devices offers secure authentication with your mobile phone. This makes the use of various features in the vehicle more comfortable and safer for you. Making drivers to easily access, start or personalize their car with the tablet or smartphone. 

This usually takes a lot of energy but with the integrated wireless power charging device, you will never have an empty Smart Device battery again in the vehicle. Antenna Coupling is also an important feature when it comes to Smart Device Integration because it allows maximum signal strength in the car for you to have an even better experience. With this level of technology in your car, we take connecting and controlling to the next level through automation. Instead of you having to adapt to your environment, your environment adapts to you.

Although the integration of all functionalities offers by far the most benefits for drivers, it is also possible to integrate single functions to fulfill the budget requirements for different customers who have different needs.



We Know What You Need

We know customers expect to procure personalized and increasingly intelligent services and products that meet their precise needs. Companies need to interact with customers in real-time to adapt, learn and empower them with the services that fulfill every single thing they desire. With more than 30 years of experience, Sol Control Custom helps customers drive digital transformation and innovation by using our technology to build more capabilities to help you discover, remember, and interact with content and devices around you.

Quality and Affordable Price 

Sol Control Custom has the right team with all the experience and knowledge to meet every single challenge at a very affordable price. If you live in New Port Richey, Florida,  you can have all these features in your car. Just contact us at 7278438807 if you have any questions or to find out more about how we can help you with smart device integration. Our team is always ready to help!