If you live near the New Port Richey area and want to tint your home or residential property, our specialists can help protect you and your family from glare and unwanted high energy bills. We offer the best privacy film options in home window tinting or residential property.

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Residential Window In Tinting New Port Richey

Window film is installed to flat glass in buildings, and unlike automotive window films which are mostly tinted, window films for homes and commercial buildings are typically clear, although nothing is set in stone and many installation companies will offer residential window tinting as well. Dual-Reflective window films come in different shades and have a low interior reflection by day and night.

The people of New Port Richey, Florida put up with hot, dry weather because of a reverse west wind flow, and temperatures can average about 80 with plenty of sun from May till September or October. All that sun and heat shining through windows can take its toll on skin and furniture, but fortunately there is a cost effective and efficient way to deal with this problem without spoiling your home’s looks.

Views Remain Intact

New Port Richey, Fl residents are inclined to think that they will have to wave goodbye to views with window tints but this is not so at all because the films come in different shades, allowing you perfectly clear vision. The privacy films are particularly alluring to you as a homeowners because it enables you to enjoy views outside, but people walking past in the street will not be able to see inside at all.

The beauty of this is that home window tinting is also a kind of security film, and that while it reduces glare, provides UV protection and saves on energy, it also deters crime because safety window films are applied to prevent glass from shattering.

Protect Yourself and Your Furniture

With professional window film installers, New Port Richey inhabitants can look forward to improved comfort in their homes, ultraviolet protection and privacy. Home window film can prevent curtains, carpeting and furniture from becoming faded and damaged by the sun, because safety window films, with their superb ultraviolet light rejection can block up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Not only does your furniture benefit, ultraviolet rays are a risk factor for cancer, and in fact a number of window films have been given the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

Home window tinting technology emerged in the 1960s already and has evolved to allow homeowners to cut back on the damaging rays of the sun while still being able to enjoy unimpaired views. The manufacturers of window films make use of scratch resistant coatings to protect the film from normal wear and tear.

Window Films Compliment New Port Richey Homes

The type of window film the people of New Port Richey opt for as well as the application techniques they choose will influence the price you pay for it. There are different shades and thicknesses of window films available today, all offering a cost effective way to provide privacy, to provide a decorative look to a building, for heat and glare reduction, safety and security as well as thermal insulation.

Spectrally Selective window films offer outstanding heat rejection results, letting in desirable daylight, while blocking out unwanted heat. It is slightly more expensive than the standard metallic films because of the advanced technology and raw materials involved.

Protect Large Flat Glass Surfaces from Hurricanes

Most of the adhesives are water activated where both the window and the film are sprayed with a wetting solution before being applied. Once on, the window films require a dry outing out period for about a month Sol Control Custom Home Window Tinting provides top-quality films for safety and security and even hurricane protection films in the Tampa Bay area and New Port Richey.

This is particularly useful for large areas of flat glass like with patio windows or sliding glass doors which are more prone to hurricane damage.

Energy Savings and Lower Utility Bill

As an authorized dealer of Solar Gard Saint-Gobain Specialty Films, New Port Richey home owners can be sure that they are contributing to using less energy in their homes because temperatures in the home are more balanced, eliminating the need for air conditioners. By using Solar Gard Saint-Gobain film, not only are you protecting your skin and your furniture, you also get a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Ask your professional installer for details at Sol Control Custom Window Tinting. As an authorized dealer of Armorcoat as well, you can be sure that your safety and security film is strong, made from top grade, high tensile polyester along with ultra-strong mounting adhesives.

You needn’t be perturbed about what shades and performance levels you need for your home because Sol Control Custom will offer advice on the right level of protection for your home.

Home Window Film Advice is Essential

New Port Richey inhabitants need to bear in mind that not all home window film will be suitable for all glass, and things like thickness of glass, whether it is a single pane or not as well as the construction of the window needs to be factored in.

Advice on the correct choice of film is critical to prevent thermal stress, and a window tinting professional like Sol Control Custom can offer this advice.

Window Tinting Service In Pasco County florida


Sol Control Custom provides top-quality films for residential, commercial, automotive, RV and marine window tinting, safety and security film, and also hurricane protection films in New Port Richey and all the Tampa Bay area.



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