Upholstery refers to the work done so as to provide seats of your vehicle with padding, springs, webbing, fabric covers, or leather covers. It actually comes from the Middle English words of “up” and “holden”. When put together, these words mean “to hold up”. Sol Control Custom provides car enthusiasts with the best custom upholstry work in Tampa Bay. We offer very competitive pricing as well. Call our office at 727-843-8807 to set up an appointment.

When you purchased your vehicle, you surely have noticed that it already came with upholstery. There was nothing you can do with it but to drive around in it and relax. However, time really does bear its mark. Your car’s upholstery would have either started to crumble or you would have had to feel each bump and pothole your car runs over for the comfort and relaxing feel of your car seats have gone and said goodbye. When this happens, it simply means that it is the right time to do some reupholstering and Sol Control Custom is the company to do it. Automobile experts say that reupholstering your car’s interior is one of the ways to make your machine look like you just bought it from the car dealer.

To have your vehicle reupholstered, start by contacting Sol Control Custom for this kind of service and talk to an expert about what kind of upholstery we offer. We have all types of different materials in stock and on the floor so be sure to ask about your options.  Its important to check which materials could work best for your car’s interior. We have some photographs of the work we have already done to give you an idea of what you may like in your car or truck.

While at it, you can also choose to spruce up your vehicle. Carpets, grilles, and fenders are available at Sol Control Custom where sky is the limit.

For the very best in car upholstry in New Port Richey, look no further than Sol Control Custom Inc.