Even though tinted windows are fairly common these days, many people still haven’t had it done to their vehicle yet. That might make more sense in certain parts of the country, however, not so much for Central Florida and around New Port Richey FL. Tampa Bay and the surrounding area offers every reason imaginable to have tint installed on your car or truck’ windows. In fact, here are 5 benefits you can enjoy as soon as you have it done.

Why Choose Window Tinting In Pasco County?

Window Tint

Increased Security and Privacy

This perk alone should be enough to get you down to the shop to darken your windows right away. It’s not as much about driving down the road as it is parking or leaving your vehicle unattended. When thieves and burglars can see important items inside your car, they are much more likely to break into it. This is especially true in cases where there may be shopping bags or electronic items visible.

It’s Better for Your Interior and Upholstery

That hot sun beating down on your interior all day everyday in these scorching Florida summers is slowly destroying it. No matter how well you maintain your seats and dash, as well as how many conditioners or protective products you put on them, eventually, they will fade, crack and tear. Window tint reduces this effect drastically. The alternative is to simply continue to let the sun bake it every day for no good reason.

Increased Shatter Prevention

The right kind of tint can also help to prevent window breakage when an object hits it. It does this through its protective layer which reinforces the window’s integrity. However, this in no way means your window is shatterproof, merely extra protected. In the event your window does break or shatter, such as being involved in an accident, the tint will also act as a constraint to keep the glass together and prevent it from flying all over the car and possibly injuring someone.

Window Tint Provides Reduces Harmful UV Rays

We all know about the negative effects that prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can have. Issues such as premature aging of the skin and even skin cancer can develop as a result. Window tint can reduce up to 99% of these rays! Studies show that more than half of skin cancer cases occur on the left side of the body. This is the same side of the body that the facing the sun when driving.

More Efficient Climate Control

Lastly, tinting your windows can also make it much easier to cool off your vehicle evenly. Solar heat builds up in pockets all throughout the interior of an automobile. This can make it difficult to cool the front and rear sections to the same levels. Tint blocks up to 65% of solar heat. And since your AC is working less hard, you can also cut down on fuel expenses.

To find out even more ways auto window tint can benefit your vehicle, contact us today! Sol Control Custom is proud to service Tampa, Florida and the surrounding area.