Residential Window Tinting –


residential tinting new port richey, flJust like many people in the New Port Richey area want to tint their car windows for privacy as well as wanting protection from the glare and sun, residential window tinting is becoming the norm there too. Window film is installed to flat glass in buildings, and unlike automotive window films which are mostly tinted, window films for homes and commercial buildings are typically clear, although nothing is set in stone and many installation companies will offer residential window tinting as well. Dual-Reflective window films come in different shades and have a low interior reflection by day and night.

The people of New Port Richey, Florida put up with hot, dry weather because of a reverse west wind flow, and temperatures can average about 80 with plenty of sun from May till September or October. All that sun and heat shining through windows can take its toll on skin and furniture, but fortunately there is a cost effective and efficient way to deal with this problem without spoiling your home’s looks.

Views Remain Intact

New Port Richey, Fl  residents are inclined to think that they will have to wave goodbye to views with window tints but this is not so at all because the films come in different shades, allowing you perfectly clear vision. The privacy films are particularly alluring to you as a homeowners because it enables you to enjoy views outside, but people walking past in the street will not be able to see inside at all. The beauty of this is that residential window tinting is also a kind of security film, and that while it reduces glare, provides UV protection and saves on energy, it also deters crime because safety window films are applied to prevent glass from shattering.

Protect Yourself and Your Furniture

With professional window film installers, New Port Richey inhabitants can look forward to improved comfort in their homes, ultraviolet protection and privacy. Home window film can prevent curtains, carpeting and furniture from becoming faded and damaged by the sun, because safety window films, with their superb ultraviolet light rejection can block up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Not only does your furniture benefit, ultraviolet rays are a risk factor for cancer, and in fact a number of window films have been given the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

Window tinting technology emerged in the 1960s already and has evolved to allow homeowners to cut back on the damaging rays of the sun while still being able to enjoy unimpaired views. The manufacturers of window films make use of scratch resistant coatings to protect the film from normal wear and tear.

Window Films Compliment New Port Richey Homes

The type of window film the people of New Port Richey opt for as well as the application techniques they choose will influence the price you pay for it. There are different shades and thicknesses of window films available today, all offering a cost effective way to provide privacy, to provide a decorative look to a building, for heat and glare reduction, safety and security as well as thermal insulation. Spectrally Selective window films offer outstanding heat rejection results, letting in desirable daylight, while blocking out unwanted heat. It is slightly more expensive than the standard metallic films because of the advanced technology and raw materials involved.

Protect Large Flat Glass Surfaces from Hurricanes

Most of the adhesives are water activated where both the window and the film are sprayed with a wetting solution before being applied. Once on, the window films require a dry outing out period for about a month Sol Control Custom Window Tinting provides top-quality films for safety and security and even hurricane protection films in the Tampa Bay area and New Port Richey. This is particularly useful for large areas of flat glass like with patio windows or sliding glass doors which are more prone to hurricane damage.

Energy Savings and Lower Utility Bill

As an authorized dealer of Solar Gard Specialty Films, New Port Richey home owners can be sure that they are contributing to using less energy in their homes because temperatures in the home are more balanced, eliminating the need for air conditioners. By using Solar Gard film, not only are you protecting your skin and your furniture, you also get a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Ask your professional installer for details at Sol Control Window Tinting. As an authorized dealer of Armorcoat as well, you can be sure that your safety and security film is strong, made from top grade, high tensile polyester along with ultra-strong mounting adhesives.

You needn’t be perturbed about what shades and performance levels you need for your home because Sol Control will offer advice on the right level of protection for your home.

Home Window Film Advice is Essential

New Port Richey inhabitants need to bear in mind that not all home window film will be suitable for all glass, and things like thickness of glass, whether it is a single pane or not as well as the construction of the window needs to be factored in. Advice on the correct choice of film is critical to prevent thermal stress, and a window tinting professional like Sol Control Custom can offer this advice.

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Auto Tint New Port Richey –


Did you know that your car upholstery can fade in direct sun light? What about your dashboard, did you know that over time sitting in the sun can make it brittle and eventually crack in places you just don’t want it to.  There is a simple and effective solution for this and that is car window tinting. It is singularly the most cost effect and most effective way to keep your car more like a brand new car for longer.

We at Sol Control Custom Inc  believe that the best way to help you keep your car not just cool but also well maintained, is to provide to you the best possible quality in the solar window film available on the market and at the most affordable price possible.  Automobile window tinting is a need for most cars under our Tampa Florida sun. Window tinting is a perfect tool in keeping your car really nice and cool during a hot summer, but it also is great at reducing the cost of running your car! Yes, with the air inside your car not getting heated from the direct suns rays, the car window tint keeps your air temperature lower, but not allowing too much of the suns rays into the car and that in turn keeps your air conditioner running costs lower and that means less fuel wasted on running a air conditioner unit. Cars are not air tight in fact they are exceptionally bad in some cases in keeping the hot air out and the cool air in. So with window tinting you are getting a more efficient way of running car. So as you can see window tinting or as it is also know as solar guards for windows, is more than just a cool accessory to your car, it really does help you in so many ways.

Car Tinting Saves Money

Everyone wants to save money in this day and age and best of all with Sol Control Tinting, our pricing  means that the window tinting  pays for itself with the money that you save from the running of your car. Window tinting in New Port Richey is commonly used for privacy in cars like limousines, high performance vehicles, ambulances, police cars, party bus’s, public bus’s, boats and even residential homes.  At Sol Control Customs, we have the perfect tinting shade for your windows should you want to tint your limousines or even your personal car.  We are proud of the products that we carry and can assure that even the most disconcerting clientele will be extremely happy with the end results of our work. We are also great at product sourcing should we not have a product that you want, we will find it no matter where it is or what it is.

Benefits Of Solar Gard Films

All of the films that we have a Sol Control are not just good value but also great products in themselves. We use only scratch resistant hard coat films such as Solar Gard that are put on using strong adhesives which allows for the bonding of the film and the glass to be far more sufficient. A great benefit of Sol Control’s strong adhesives bonds to your glass is that during a collision, there is more of a safety benefit that prevents the glass to go flying around and also in acts of vandalism, which could stop further damage to your seats or even yourself.

Sol Control Window Tinting

Do not worry if you don’t know how or what type of window tinting that you need. Here at Sol Control Window Tinting  we have experts willing and wanting to help you make the right decision for your needs. We can help you choose the right shade that will stop your car from losing all that coolness that you want. Did you know that window tinting is now being more popular for business’s, home offices, residential homes and even boats? Any window that you have can be tinted by us at Sol Control Custom Inc. in New Port Richey, Fl. We carry all of the styles and even some colors of tints that you will need. Sol Control is also committed to be a great provider of great automobile window tinting to the Tampa  Florida area. Come in or call us today on the numbers listed on this website.

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Commercial Window Tinting  –


office building window tintWe are a company offering commercial window tinting and film installation on all facilities. Window tinting and film installation is desirable for public and business needs. For instance, you can ensure security of property by having the windows tinted or having the film installed on them. We provide these services for businesses and personal property in New Port Richey, Fl and the surrounding Tampa Bay area. Whether you are a private or public company that owns several buildings or an individual who owns several commercial buildings (for rental or other purposes), we will offer tinting and film installation services.

Benefits Of Commercial Tint

Commercial tinting also ensures that the building allows acceptable levels of visible light, to make it possible to carry out activities comfortably inside buildings. Commercial tinting and commercial window film installation also helps reduce the amount of infrared entering the building. This is helpful for private and business buildings.

Through research, it is now known that infrared rays can increase amount of heat inside buildings, resulting in effects such as distortion of skin. The rays are converted into heat in a normal energy transfer process. Diseases such as erythema abigne are known to be caused by exposure of skin to heat. Companies and individuals in New Port Richey can contact us to help in window tinting and film installation regardless of the location of the building.

Security Film Improves Safety

Glass is used for walling in many tall commercial buildings today. Film installation on these glass walls can reinforce the glass and improve strength. This improves its resistance in case there is any pressure on the wall. Installing film on the windows on vehicles and cars can reduces cases of glass breakage in case there is some pressure imparted accidentally. This can reduce the costs of repairs, which is critical for a car rental or vehicle transport business in New Port Richey to make larger profits.

In addition, glass can be covered with film in order to improve safety. As professional film installation services in New Port Richey, we will help reduce cases of injury in case your commercial cars and vehicles are involved in accidents. Whether you are a company running a fleet of transportation vehicles or are an individual who owns a fleet of rental vehicles and cars in New Port Richey, we will help with professional window tinting and film installation. Tinting and installing films on windows of vehicles or fleet of vehicles can also improve appearance. Many people now prefer to rent cars and vehicles with tinted windows for privacy when traveling or transporting goods.

Commercial Film Improves Aesthetics

Commercial film installation is also desirable for improving aesthetic appearance of your building. The dark color resulting after film installation and tinting leaves the building to stand out from those in the surrounding. Insulation from the sun is also essential, because direct sunlight can affect the internal environment. For instance, hot direct sunlight can make it difficult for people to work inside the building in in New Port Richey. It also avoids overheating of the building.

Ensuring increased privacy through commercial window film installation and commercial tinting can prevent cases of theft and increase security for your buildings in New Port Richey. You can ensure that the property stored inside a building or in a vehicle are not visible from outside through the window, which means people with malicious motives will not be agitated to steal the property away. We all feel comfortable when doing some things without public glare.

After commercial tinting, your buildings and vehicles will less likely be damaged by water and reagents on exposure. Energy conservation during cold seasons is paramount in New Port Richey, and this can see you reduce the costs of heating the house and building using electricity. Regulation of temperature by infrared protection can also lower costs of cooling the building during warm seasons in New Port Richey.

Although such issues are not talked about mostly, large companies with several buildings and fleets of vehicles can feel the financial impacts of reheating and cooling the interiors to offer proper operation temperatures and comfort to those operating from the inside. You can lower these costs through film installation and tinting, if your property is located in New Port Richey.

Benefits of commercial tinting and commercial window film installation

– Improving security
– Energy conservation
– UV protection
– You may get insurance premium discounts in New Port Richey as a result of tinting windows and film installation on windows
– Protection against water and storm damage and damage from exposure to other reagents
– Improving appearance of property

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Sol Control Car Audio Benefits –


Kicker SubwooferWhen ever you purchase a new car you will the music system which is fitted by the car manufacture  is not not very good in quality and at best just average. So the first thing which you should do to get good system for your car is to select best brand in music system manufacturer. You can visit Sol Control Custom Inc for Car Audio New Port Richey,Fl  We have become a local favorite car audio shop because of our workmanship and our quality products like Sound Stream, Kicker, and Pioneer.

The whole audio system of your car is based on multiple things like speakers, woofers, sub-woofers, panels, amplifiers and other audio accessories. These all are the main source of car audio system and without these things, your system cannot be completed in which you can not get the quality sound in your car because all things work together to provide a top notch sound. You will definitely hear a difference in quality speakers as compared to local shop speakers or company fitted speakers.

Sol Control Custom Inc specializes in providing custom speaker enclosures and custom car audio systems. Our expert designers and professional installers  can create and execute anything you can dream up. We only use the best products and provide them at the lowest prices available here in New Port Richey, Fl.

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Benefits of Custom Wheels, Tires and Rims –

custom wheelsThe only way to get a car that exactly meets your personal needs is to get it customized. Most car owners will customize their wheels, tires and rims. Especially for people who own muscle cars and race cars, it is almost natural for them to buy custom made wheels tires and rims. Getting custom wheels, custom tires and custom rims is normally a bit costly. So why do people get them?

Different people will get custom made parts for different reasons depending on their needs and the model of their car. However there are some basic advantages that one is likely going to get from getting customized parts.

Custom Wheels, Custom Tires and Custom Rims Add Aesthetics

Many people normally get customized wheels, rims and tires simply to add some aesthetic value to their vehicle. They want to give their car a personal touch they can identify with. There are car enthusiasts who simply enjoy driving in a flashy car.

Custom Wheels, Custom Tires and Custom Rims Improve Performance

Changing your rims or wheels will affect the speed of your car. For most race cars, car owners will choose alloy wheels as opposed to steel wheels. This is because Alloy wheels are much lighter as compared to the steel. If you want to customise your car specifically to improve speed, you will have to find out what custom parts you will have to get. Different cars will need different types of parts and so your car dealer can come in handy in offering advice. For example for heavy cars like SUVs and trucks, you may want to get smaller rims. This will reduce the weight of your car making you spend less on gas. If you are planning to use your car for driving off road or for heavy work, then you may want to customize your wheels by getting steel ones since they are much stronger.

Increase The Car’s Value

Customizing any part of your car will normally cost you quite a lump sum of money. This means that the value of your car automatically goes up after it is customized. To improve its market value of a car before selling it, simply customize various parts.
There are some important things that some people overlook in the excitement of getting custom wheels, custom tires and custom rims. Your vehicle may steer differently when you get larger rims. Expect increased pressure on your brakes when you change to bigger tires since they will have to work extra at slowing down more mass. You may also experience some difficulty turning your vehicle once you get smaller wheels since your car is now hanging close to the ground. It is important for car owners to note these things so that they make the right choices or changes. So once you have decided you want to get your wheels, rims or tires customized, what do you do?   You will need to carry out some research about your car.

Before getting anything customized, the car owner needs to understand their car. Some customization done on another car model may not suit your own. So you will need to carry out research and find out what will work well with your car. It is advisable to seek professional opinion before settling on any decisions. You may spend a lot of time going through mounds of catalogs of wheels or tires that do not have the same bolt patterns as your car. This process will make you learn a lot about your car and the soon to be customized parts.

Ensure That Your Car Is In Perfect Condition

Getting new perfect customized wheels, tires or rims on a car that is in no good condition is an unwise investment. For example if the car is misaligned or if the shocks are not in good condition, then you will be back to the dealer’s sooner than you expect. Make sure that everything is working perfectly.

Come Up With A Budget

Getting customized tires, wheels or rims can be costly. But it is better to pay more and get quality other than looking for cheaper parts that are of a lesser quality.

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Sol Control Custom Interiors –

Custom HummerNothing sets off a custom car or truck like a custom interior. Nothing. This is the icing on the cake for a custom ride. If you are serious about competing with your car or truck, ask us about the possibilities of customizing the interior of your ride to match the exterior style.

Sol Control Custom Inc Can Customize:

  • Dashboards
  • Auto Headliners
  • Leather Interiors
  • Seat / Carpet / Door Panels
  • Car Seats
  • Speaker Boxes
  • Liners
  • Head Units
  • Floor Coverings
  • And More!
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Automotive Pinstriping

Pinstriping cars

Choosing to pinstripe your car, truck, SUV, trailer or boat gives it that finished look and adds value. if you choose to sell it.
 Vinyl(tape) pinstripes come in a multitude of colors, sizes and designs. We can add pin striping to your automobile, larger pick-up trucks, trailers, vans and sports cars. Sol control custom Inc uses only professional grade vinyl materials for all vinyl pinstripes, decals and graphics. 

Isn’t it about time for you to add a personalized touch to your vehicle?

We are sure to have something you will like, if not, many things that you will love.  We have the vehicle graphics or pin striping that you will need to add any style to your vehicle.  It really doesn’t matter what you drive, we have tons of car decals, racing stripes and vinyl pin striping  to choose from. 

The great thing about our racing stripes, graphics and pin striping is that they look great on any car, truck, SUV, trailer or boat.  We have over 80 colors in stock in a multitude of finishes including metallic and ultra-metallic.  Sol control also offers custom sizes and multiple color combinations. Car decals, vehicle lettering, perforated film, reflective vinyl’s, you name it – we’ve done all. Come to our shop located in New Port Richey, Fl at 5201 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL 34652 .  Make your car look different by creating more of an extension of your unique personality. Adding Vinyl striping to your vehicle will enhance its appearance and value for years to come.

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